Thru moonshine filled nights, near the sacred Alter, Lost souls roam till eternity. Only you and your magic can guide them to their final peace. Catch them and send them away in pairs of Two or better yet in a Holy Threesome, before the time runs out.



Developed By: Alok Narula


Thanks to following awesome art assets I was able to get things up an running to finish the game in 48 hours. We truly stand on the shoulder of Giants.


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Great game concept with replay apeal.

However I reccomend using a dictionary or thesauras when writting your game Blurb.

"Moonshine" does not mean what you think it does to most people, so it seems this game is about getting drunk on illegal alchohol.

"Thru" is not in the dictionary as it is not a real word. It is a word invented by cheapskates who don't want to pay for more letters on their signs. You don't have to pay by the letter here.

"Pairs of two" is a nonsence phrase as a pair is only ever 2, so why say it twice ? Just say "In pairs" and you are done.

I mean I kinda love imagining the character is some redneck defending his moonshine distillery from the dead


Yeah that sells the game better.
A drunken redneck protecting his spirit from spirits.

When you extend the time at the last moment, it stills makes you happened to me twice xD
But fun game though! Making it in 48h is impressive!


very intertaining